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LIST: Top 5 TURN UP & TURN DOWN list by Crystallion

List: Weekly Top 5 from Crystallion Heart

Model and long time friend, Crystallion Heart, offers her top five turn up and turn down songs for this week on Serum:


Interview: Villette — Premiering new album tracks at THE GREENROOM EXPERIENCE

Villette Dasha says she thinks it’s cheesy “if people only fuck with me musically because I’m a chick in this game and not for my technique and style.“.. The singer/songwriter/producer/DJ will be playing The GREENROOM EXPERIENCE presented by AmmoNation and Stay Savage August 7th, 2015 at Iron Bar, alongside Blaze, KVKA, Tony Douglas, Stussybeats, Bobby … Continue reading


Jahra ‘Rager’ Wasasala — “Sometimes, your tongue is cut out of your mouth at birth”

“My name in some countries translates as vessel so that’s literally my job is to be able to transport messages” ~ Jahra Wasasala Jahra ‘Rager’ Wasasala is an Aotearoa-born mixed-race 23-year-old contemporary dancer, choreographer and spoken word artist who created the 2015 award winning contemporary dance theatre work titled “MOTHER/JAW” in collaboration with choreographic artist … Continue reading

Darker Than Wax: Troy Samuela, the next generation in Singapore

“An electronic music label based from the island of Singapore, breaking all bounds and grounds progressing the music scene in their city and influencing globally” —  Darker Than Wax Kiwi based, Aucklander, Troy Samuela (formerly Samuel Truth) is also on their set. The label says “though he is a relatively recent addition, the whopping appreciation … Continue reading


Lorde Inc — A modelling agency unafraid to be honest

We just try to work with people that enjoy having their photo taken. For those that rarely have people that look like them in visual spaces, having your photo taken, displaying your beauty, owning your identity is an act of resistance.


Interview: Stussybeats on Godwave

A revisit is my take on a remix says Stussybeats. It’s an opportunity for him to recreate a track the way it should’ve sounded in the first place. “I don’t release revisits without making sure the artists are comfortable with it.” For the past 20 minutes, I have been listening to the original release of … Continue reading

Yeezus Season 1 is  legit.

Threads: Yeezy Season 1 — “Awesome is possible”

“Were not always in the position that we want to be at, we’re constantly growing, constantly making mistakes, constantly trying to express ourselves and trying to realize our dreams” ∼ Kanye West

Marek Story

Interview: Marek Peszynski — Collecting Moments

“You can’t look at Riff Raff or Lil B and say that they’re involved in the Hip Hop movement you know because they’re not.” What they do is just straight organic, ignorant, albeit fun, party-rap music which has no relevance to Hip Hop culture at all. Apart from the fact that they’re rapping, which I … Continue reading


Interview: Oddisee & Estere — Making Purple And See Through Music

Red Bull is a brand that have supported the arts, music and sports for many years now. One project as part of this its Red Bull Prodigy program; which saw international artist Oddisee paired up with Wellington based singer/producer/beatmaker Estere at Auckland’s Red Bull studio last month. The Prodigy concept is to pair a mentor with a student for 10 days and provide … Continue reading


Interview: Introducing KVKA — “All Black Range, Malcolm X Knew Better”

Speaking about his song ‘La Musica’ produced by Tony Douglas, Hamilton resident Mukuka Simwinga aka KVKA says, “I feel very strongly about the new age slavery, it’s like where Africans and minorities have got to a place where white people and other people don’t have to put us down because it’s like self hate. So when I … Continue reading


Interview: P-Money @ ‘Shock The World’, Auckland

As G-Shock prides itself on being a brand that’s aligned with multi-cultural ambassadors who do great things globally; whether it be skating, graffiti or music, whendidyoufallinlovewithhiphop sat down to catch up with P-Money before his set at their 30th Anniversary party titled, ‘Shock The World’.  Playing before David Dallas and Just Blaze that night, Money chats about recently arriving … Continue reading


Raiza Biza-Sitting On The Cusp Of Something Big

Raiza Biza know’s he’s on the cusp of something big with his music. It can be felt off the back of his last album Dream Something, which collected new followers and new cities to tour- including the South Island of New Zealand which Raiza sees as new ground to break. “You know, there’s a lot … Continue reading

Photo courtesy of Matsu Photography

Interview: Thirty Minutes With Ta-ku

Perth based producer/beat maker Ta-ku doesn’t drink, smoke, take drugs or even make beats for a living, he does it after dinner, before bed as a side project.  He has an out look on life that seems as progressive as his music when considering recent heavy weights to hip hop, like Kendrick Lamar or Odisee renouncing drugs and bigging up their religion. … Continue reading


Review: Torey Lanez —Say It

“You gonna have to do more than just (you say it), you gonna have to do less when you (do it), tell mamma you know I (show it), always want you to (prove it).” Who: Torey Lanez Home city: Toronto Title: Say It


Review: Blaze The Emperor — Blaze EP

“I just feel like it’s part of the story, they’re part of the story, it’s Hamilton — that’s why I kept it exclusively Hamilton to production, features, mixing —  everything is done in TRonto [laughs]. So that’s where we at” — Blaze on only featuring artists from Hamilton. Who: Blaze The Emperor Home city: Hamilton Track title: … Continue reading

LIST: Top 5 TURN UP & TURN DOWN list by Crystallion

List: Weekly Top 5 from Crystallion Heart

Model and long time friend, Crystallion Heart, offers her top five turn up and turn down songs for this week on Serum:


Young Gifted & Broke: Tom Scott talks moving to Melbourne and Sound Select

“I love the sound of the tram waking me up in the morning. I love bumping into people on the street. Literally. I love being lost. I love seeing things for the first time…” Tom Scott on moving to Melbourne **Catch Average Rap Band at Cassette Nine in Auckland tonight for the Red Bull Sound … Continue reading

Wati Heru

Review: Wati Heru — LITWITDALOOT (Prod. Lord Plawz)

“I’m getting pussy with my father’s features.” 


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